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The Visit to the Family Science Program
등록일 2022.06.14 글자 확대 글자 축소 인쇄
June 14th

Did you ever have a visit to a program connected with science? Well, I just had a wonderful time with science! There was a Science program downtown. My family saw a banner posting the program on the bulletin board on our way to eat breakfast. I was thrilled to know about it. My dad and I managed to visit the program on Saturday.

There were three kinds of booths. They were light, water, and dream science. However, we learned that we had to sign up before visiting the water booth. The dream booth was just a class, and we didn't have enough time.

But I did visit three of the booths. I first went to the light bulb terrarium booth. In that booth, we planted lettuce. The idea was very creative, using a light bulb as a pot. The air flowed in through a hole in the lid. Also, I have to water the plant once a week for the plant to grow. The bulb gives light to the plant.

The second booth was about magnets(I don't know what this has to do with light, but whatever). I used it to move a butterfly. Our class was learning about magnets, so it was extra fun.

The last booth was about energy (What does it have to do with light?) I made a rocket that blasts with air. If we jump onto a small pump, the air inside the pump will burst out and blast! The rocket blasts into the air.

So, I liked the program. Not only learning about science but making cool things about it too! If there is the same program again, I'll take my friends next time!
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