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An Outdoor Worship
등록일 2023.05.14 글자 확대 글자 축소 인쇄
May 14th, 2023, Sunday

Hello again! Today I will tell you about what happened today.
After 3 years of our last outdoor worship, my church finally came outside for outdoor worship.
My family arrived in the morning, and we left after dinner.
In the morning, we carried loads in the kitchen, and then we ate lunch.
The air was filled with smoke because we were eating meat. We ate pork belly and snacks. After the food was digested, the young people taught me how to play soccer.
They are super good at it. They looked like professional soccer players.
After dribbling, passing, and shooting, we played a real game. My team won!
Then, we played more games and after that, I played baseball.
But the ball kept bouncing away and went into a lot of shrubs, so it was very difficult to find it.
But we managed to find everything. Then, I began to steal things.
I took one of the older boys' caps while he was distracted.
When he noticed that his cap was gone, he began to chase me. He took his cap back.
But I took his cap two more times. And I ask one of the older girls to try my snacks.
When she was about to pick one snack, I put the snack bag on her lap and ran away.
She chased me. Then she gave the snack bag back to me. This happened one more time.
Then we ate dinner. Dinner was ramen. After I finished one ramen, I wanted to eat another ramen, but I didn’t. After dinner, I played soccer.
It was kind of hard to make a goal. Then, we played baseball.
I hit the ball and ran to the first base. It was safe. My team won.
Then my soccer ball disappeared. I searched for it but could not find it.
I was ready to give up, but then I spotted my soccer ball way up on a hill.
I climbed the hill, grabbed my ball, and ran back down. We prayed and then I came home.
When I arrived, I showered and changed into my pajamas. Then I started to write this diary.
It was a good day. And I hope tomorrow will be a great day, too.
That’s enough for today. See you in my next diary!

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