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  • [창작동화] Anne of the Ingleside-9
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  • There were bad things happening about animals around Ingleside.
    First,a puppy that Gilbert brought from Charlottetown had disappeared by the next day.
    No one knew where the puppy had gone,and that remained in the mysteries of the Ingleside.
    Next,a cat that had stripes like a tiger was found dead on the barn floor.
    The children made a funeral for the animal.
    Lastly,a rabbit named,'Bun' was dead by some disease.
    When it was buried near the cat,Gem said,"Did Ingleside got cursed...?"
    Susan grumbled about the children wearing a black ribbon for a whole week.
    She was not sad about the rabbit's death,because that one had made her garden a mess.
    But there was worse than that. One day,Walter came back with 2 toads.
    Susan managed to chasemone away by the evening,but the other one was not found.
    "Those two were mates. Susan chased the small one so it was the wife(In my opinion,the female gets bigger.-from books about nature-).
    That one would be lonely in the yard,like a widow."
    So,he went downstairs quietly one night,but he knocked metals,which made a loud sound.
    But only Susan awoke,and she went downstairs with a candle.
    "Walter Blythe,what are you doing?"
    Walter said desperately,"I have to find that toad. Imagine how you feel if your mate is missing."
    "What are you talking about?" Susan was confused.
    Just then,the toad hopped out behind a preserved vegetable barrel.
    Walter sent it out through the window.
    "You can't let that creature live in here. How could you feed it?" Susan scolded him.
    "I was planning to get some bugs for them,so I could examine." He complained.
    "Uncontrollable." Susan muttered as she followed the little Blythe upstairs-this word is not directing to the toad.
    A robin was luckier. One day,they found a small one on the steps from the house.
    They let him(it is a male) in.
    He trusted everyone in the house,so no one was afraid of him.
    Even Shrimp let it eat in the cat's bowl.
    First,they fed it with worms. But,Cock Robin(name of the bird) eat a lot,so Shirley spent most of the time digging for it.
    He put the bucket to everywhere. Susan was frightened,but she endured it.
    The bird sat on Susan's fingers,and sang a beautiful tune.
    She sent a letter to Rebecca Dew,adding the part of the robin.
    In the letter mentioned a valley that the children liked to play.
    But,it was not just 'valley' to the children. Walter thought that there should be a better name.
    One rainy afternoon,they had to play in the attic.
    But in the early evenings,the sun went out,and shined toward the town.
    "Ah,look at the 'lainbow'!" Rila exclaimed. She always say with the short accent.
    (that's why she called it,'lainbow'. If you want to hear more about this translation,keep it in mind because she will be the main one in book 8.)
    The children never saw such a magnificent rainbow before. It went through the valley they go a lot.
    Walter quickly named the valley,'Rainbow valley'(It's an important place,main title of book 7).
    Rainbow valley became an another world to the children.
    They imagined,and played in there a lot.
    As for the age 10,Gem liked bloody stories.
    So,he pretended to be a pirate,but Walter was not that at all.
    But,he fought to anyone who called Walter,'Coward Blythe'.
    Soon,the boys realized that teasing Walter means a fight with Gem,and they never did the act.
    Gem always picked a fight when they did,and he was known for never defeated in that kind of a fight.
    As time passed,Gem got interested in dogs again.
    After the death of Jip,he was gloomy,but he soon forgot it.
    One day,he saw a sign that someone was selling a dog.
    That evening,Gilbert took him to the house.
    The dog had brown ears,nose and a tail.
    The white blaze on the forehead was connected,and surrounded on the dog's nose.
    When Gem looked at it,he wanted it dearly.
    He asked to the owner. "Do you want to sell your dog?"
    The owner(a kid about Gem's age)answered,"I have to. My aunt won't breed a dog."
    "How much do you want?"
    The owner handed him the dog. "I won't sell him. I can't sell Bruno for money. Just take care of it."
    "Alright. But you must take this dollar. Or else I don't think this dog is mine."
    He handed the owner a dollar.
    "More than 5 people came to get it,but I never gave it to anyone. If I can't raise it,please,take care of it. Take it away,where I can't see."
    Gem took him back to Ingleside.
    That night,Gem couldn't sleep. He never seen a dog like Bruno before.
    The dog will be close to me. Gem thought.
    He prayed,"Everything is good. Please guard all the pets all over the world. Especially Bruno."
    Finally,Gem was asleep. Helding a paw in front,the small dog could have been asleep,or not.

    As time passed,Cock Robin ate more than worms,but rice,corns,lettuce and seeds.
    He became so large,that this 'big robin' is known all over the area.
    And,he had red chests as well.
    He stood on Susan's shoulders and watched her,knitting.
    Whenever Anne came back home,the robin hopped to the house first. And,he came to Walter's windows to get some bread crumbs from him.
    Gilbert complained about scattered pens in his study.
    But,no one was on his side,and he gave up when the robin pecked the flower seeds on his hand.
    Everyone was impressed at him,but not Gem.
    He was focusing his love to Bruno,but the dog never loved him.
    He was learning this lesson,slowly yet clearly.
    At first,he never thought that he could win this dog over. But he realized that it's not.
    The dog was very kind,did as it was asked. But it had no spirits.
    When Gem took it out,it liked that at first,but it was soon just walking miserably on Gem's side.
    Everyone treated the dog well,by giving good bones to it,and let it sleep under Gem's bed.
    But,Bruno was still a dog from other place. At nights,Gem tried to pat it on the head,butnit never responded.
    Gem gritted his teeth. James Matthew Blythe had made a decision. He won't lose against the dog. It has to love him.
    He stood at it's side. And,when a kid said about having fleas in the dog's body,he had beaten him hard.
    Other kids said bad things about the dog. One even said,"Your dog is good. It never barks on Sundays."
    That was true. Bruno never barked at all.
    Still,he loved it. "I can do anything for you,and we could do fun things together."
    But Gem had not admitted that he was defeated.
    One night,Gem was out to eat some fried shellfish,and came back to home when he realized a storm was coming.
    When Gem returned to Ingleside,a lighting flashed.
    "Where's Bruno?" He shouted.
    He didn't take the dog because he thought it was reluctant to do so.
    Soon,he realized that no one knew where the dog went.
    The rain was pouring down,hard,and the lighting flashed all over the world.
    This moment was the only one that the dog came at his side.
    Gem was worried a lot,so Gilbert said,"Come with me,Gem. I have to go to an appointment on the way,so let's visit the empty house. I'm sure it is there."
    Gem replied,"But that's 6 miles. It's not possible."
    But it was correct. When they visited the house,they saw the shivering dog,with both of its eyes looking at them blankly.
    Gem was happy as he took it toward the buggy.
    "Now,Bruno will like Ingleside,dad."
    "Maybe." Was all Gilbert said.
    He didn't want to admit the suspicion,but he thought that the dog out of hopes could have a broken heart.
    After that night,Bruno refused to eat. A vet had arrived,but nothing strange was found.
    The vet took Gilbert aside,and said,"I know a dog which died of sorrow,and I fear that this dog could have the same fate."
    The dog ate a medicine,and lied down,looking at the ceiling.
    Gem looked at the dog for some time,and walked to Gilbert's study to talk to him.
    The next day,Gilbert went to town,and found the original owner of the dog,and brought the boy to Ingleside.
    As he went up the stair,the dog immediately pricked it's ears.
    Then,it ran toward the boy.
    That night,Susan was saying to Anne,"Believe me. That dog was crying. It was unbelievable,if I didn't see it by myself."
    The boy held the dog and said,"You bought this dog,but it's still mine.
    The man lied to me. My aunt didn't object about raising a dog.
    Here. It's a dollar you gave me. I couldn't use it,not even a cent. I really couldn't."
    At that moment,Gem hesitated. And he looked at the dog's eyes.
    'How could I be so stupid!' He felt ashamed to himself,and he took the dollar.
    The boy suddenly smiled. It changed his face,but he just said,'Thank you'.
    That night,he stayed in the house. Before bedtime,the boy prayed,and the dog followed the actmand actually prayed.
    If a dog could say prayers,it did. For the getting a happy life back again.
    When Gem and the boy left to the new house of the boy,Bruno followed them lightly.
    Susan cut the word short,"I never saw a dog like that before."
    The next evening,Gem just sat at the stairs next to the entrance.
    He refused to go pirating with Walter,and never bothered to see Shrimp,the cat.
    Even when Rilla brought him a blue velvet elephant,he was not happy at all. What good is a velvet elephant if there's no dog of him?
    Even when Nan came and said seriously about how to think about god,he seemed more calm.
    "Don't think I am blaming god for this. You have no balancing sense,Nan Blythe."
    Nan could not understand Gem's words.,but she just walked away.
    At sunset,every dog was barking.
    Anne came over,and sat beside Gem.
    "Mother,why Bruno didn't like me,even when I did everything for him? Am I a person that no dogs love?"
    "No,Gem. Remember how Jip liked you. It's just that the dog gave all of its love to one person."
    "Anyway,those two are happy." Gem said bitterly,and forced a smile. He kissed Anne's hair.
    "But,I will never raise a dog ever again."
    Anne thought this will pass easily,but it was not.
    A lot of dogs came and gone to Ingleside. 
    Gem took them very well,but there was no 'Gem's dog'.
    Finally,a dog named 'Monday' got Gem's heart with endless love,but that didn't happen for almost 10 years.
    For this night,Gem went to bed,sad.
    "If I was a girl,I would just cry out..." He thought with broken heart. 

    (Sorry that I updated it late,I didn't have time!)

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