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  • [편지] To Eleanor and Yeni
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    | 추천수: 1 | 등록일: 2022.1.14 오후 4:57
  • To.Eleanor

    Hi there! Funmaster writing.

    I appreciate that you considered mine as a letter like that.

    And thanks for accepting.

    I didn't know that Funmaster can be a friendly name. It originally came from the idea of LF,Learn English Fun. I think I mastered English fun with LF,so I use that name.

    Yes,Friday makes students happy,but for me...I have to study for 12 hours today,excluding LFEW. It is quite hard,since there is no academies.

    And it's true about starting LFEW because of that. But my writings are remaining since 2021.5.31. Nothing remains before it.

    I usually write a lot of TMI to friends. So I don't mind TMI. I actually like to hear a lot of TMIs.

    I hope you'll notice this.

    Well then,hope to see ya next time. Bye!

    Funmaster(a fun learner)


    Oh,hi there!

    I am glad to finally answer you.

    I TOTALLY agree with that. In vacation,we get more busy. Maybe because homeworks increased since vacation. I have to study like 10 to 12 hours in average.

    Do you have a lot of academies? I only have 1 thay gives me homeworks. Math. And it sure is a lot,or feeling that because,"C'mon. It's triangular function!"

    Other subjects were learned in home. I just study by myself.

    It took me a lot of effort to do it all.

    And about LMA5... I thought that was inevitable because Mr.Laurence is SO old now. He could cross 80!

    Since you're writing #18,it's not time to write it. Yet.

    Oh my. Did you read my novel? I appreciate it. The novel has a steady record,but I didn't know who click some of the emojis. Maybe,I guess you clicked some? Anyway,enjoy it!

    +)I would rather appreciate you. You got 38 emojis on one of your alzza writings. I only had 16 in maximum. And you're writing such wonderful stories. I wish I could write that well.


    Freetime writer

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