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    | 추천수: 16 | 등록일: 2022.5.12 오후 6:56
  • Hi I am LEAFPAW and I am going to make a vote.

    What is the most uncomfortable thing in LFEW?

    I can't use Korean: Fantastic

    I wish I can write two letters. One letter is too little:Good

    The writings get erased when you click other things or if the writing is too long: Interesting

    The ability to write comments in LFEW is gone: Cheer up

    I don't have any uncomfortable things&Other stuff: Congrats

    Well, I think I can't use Korean is the most uncomfortable thing in LFEW.

    But it's a LFEW So we should understand but I think we can use Korean only when you read it or spelling Korean words you

    don't know how to write in Korean. 

    And like putting names like ____ | ____ needs Korean!

    What do you think?


이전글 Leafpawㅣ리프|2022-05-12
다음글 Gemmaㅡ정원|2022-05-12