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  • [창작동화] Clear Blue Magic chapter four
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  • Clear Blue Magic

    Chapter Four

    “There is only five lives left for the leader and pill charger of sparkling pearls.” A mermaid said.

    “We must choose their successors. Now!”

    “You don’t need to be so impatient, Emily. This takes time.” The mermaid said.

    “No, we must finish it at once! We had been posting it for months!” Emily snapped.

    “We will decide it now.” A new voice yelled.

    “Oh, it’s you, Nilah. Yes, we was talking about it.”

    “But we have time!”

    “No, we don’t. Humans are destroying the enviorment, so many mermaid and mermen are dying. We can’t just think they will be safe because they are pill chargers and leaders! I know they will die soon. Every mermaid dies. They may not be safe. We are their ancestors, we can’t just see them die and we must try hard to help the, survive.”

    “Well, speaking of humans, I have something to confess.”

    “What is it?”

    “I actually sent a message to two mermaid and merman.”

    “You sent one to a merman, Emily? Are you so sure that he will act good? I hope you didn't send it to those straying ones. But what did you say?”

    “Did not! I sent them to Ramadeus and Flothitina! And I told them that they must bring the humans that has the heart of a mermaid, and help clear out all those disasters that is happening in this tribe!"

    "What? Who told you to.........."

    Before she finished, a loud voice rang out.

    “It is time! We will choose the next successors, now! Mermaid and mermen of Tribe that called sparkling pearl’s ancestors!”

    There was loud whispers, but some cheered.

    “Me, Nilah, ancestor of Sparkling Pearls, will choose a successor for the tribe. One will be Ramadeus, and the other will be Flothitina.”

    Many gasps of shock filled the place.

    “We can’t appoint a merman for successor! Flothitina has talent, but she isn’t so great! What are you doing?” Emily shouted.

    “Emily, they are the ones that fills this myth of our ancestors we met when we died! We must believe in them! They said that ‘there will be trouble, one will mistake appointing a successor that brings big scourge, and cause trouble that will almost last forever. but the most sparkling pearls, with many sparkling mischief and mistake, will bright the tribe into the most sparkling pearls.’ ! What will you think about this? They are the sparkling pearls they said.

    “It’s my turn to appoint mermaids for successors. I will definetly not choose a merman! Me, Emily, ancestor of Sparkling Pearls, will choose a successor for the tribe. One will be Esteria, and the other will be Gomaz.”

    “Esteria is a sparkling and endeed talented mermaid, but what are you doing with Gomaz? It seems very sure to me. Gomaz Blue Clear is the one that will bring big scourge! Don’t regret after making this choice, Emily. I am sure that mine are right, they try hard, but Gomaz did something that you will never trust, and now the scourge begun.”

    To be countinued...........

    -Written by Leafpaw-

    That you for reading! Sorry for short chapter.

    I don't think you understood what happened in this chapter.

    But it will be revealed soon, and at the next chapter, mermaids of the tribe called Sparkling pearls will come to you to represent their story!


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