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  • [Writing Topics] People in the News: Jackie Chan
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    • People in the News: Jackie Chan Play
    • Would you be willing to do any of the stunts that Jackie Chan has done? What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
  •  I have learned a lot about Jackie Chan who has been very brave and considerate for others. Jackie Chan was a boy who was born from a poor family. He was, soon, enrolled in a China Drama Academy and could learn about Peking Opera. When he stopped going to the China Drama Academy, he decided that he could get a job all about doing stunts, and, soon, he became an actor doing his own stunts. He gathered fame for trying stunts. But, he got a lot of injuries, and when he realized that he didn't do much for the world, he opened 2 charity groups and helped people who were very poor or was suffering from natural disasters. 

     Jackie Chan has done a lot of stunts. He has rollerskated over a moving car, fell out of a helicopter without a parachute on to a hot air balloon, slided a side of a building, and jumped down from a castle wall to a tree branch. He has wounded sometimes severely, but still has tried to do a lot of stunts. However, if I were Jackie, I don't think I would have been willing to try the stunts that Jackie has tried. The reason is that, as you have just found out, you could injure yourself. And I think that, although doing stunts could be cool, safety is more important. The stunts that Jackie has tried seemed very dangerous and perilous to me, so I wouldn't be willing to try them. But, I still want to applaud Jackie Chan for his willingness of trying to make his movies much more interesting to audience members. 

     Speaking of stunts, I think the most daring thing that I have ever done in my life was going on a ride on an amusement park. If I tell you more about my experience, then here's what has happened:

    I was at the amusement park with my friends and we have decided to go on a ride that was similar to a rollercoaster, but had water at the end. I was afraid of the ride, but I went on the ride with my friends. After the ride, I was right, I was afraid of the ride! Accoring to my memory, I even cried a little bit. But these days, when I think of that rollercoaster again, I feel like I want to go to that same amusement park and try that ride once more to see if the ride made me scared like before, or not. And I like rides. I think that I will be able to visit there when the Covid-19 situation gets better.

     I have shared the life of Jackie Chan, and if I will be willing to do any of his stunts, and the most daring thing that I have done. Thank you so much for reading~! 

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