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  • [독후감] After Reading Warriors Manga: The Rise of Scourge
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  • After Reading Warriors Manga: The Rise Of Scourge

    *I give you SPOILDER ALERT, just in case.

    I read The Rise of Scourge because one of my LFEW friends, Lionclaw, recommened it to me. When I didn't read this book, I only thought Scourge a bad villain that tried to take over the forest. At The Prophecies begins-The Darkest Hour, Scourge is a character who promised to help Tigerstar take over the forest with BloddClan, a clan Scourge leads, because Tigerstar will give him half the territory. But when Tigerstar and Scourge got into an argument, Scourge took away all of Tigerstar's nine lives at once. After that Scourge told the four Clans that they should decide to give him the forest, or fight for it. The Clans decides to fight, and at the battle, Scourge don't believe in StarClan, so he has one life. And Firestar took that life, and the peace of the Four Clans came. I really hated Scourge that time, even felt quite sorry for Tigerstar(Before I read The New Prophecy). But when I read this book, I began to like Scourge, who I thought was a villain before. This book is about Scourge's past. When he was a kit, he was a kittypet named Tiny. Like his name, he is very tiny and weak, so his littermates didn't like him, and outcasted him. He was very sad even his mother was on his side. One day, some Twolegs and a Twoleg kit visited their housefolk. Their mom said they will be going to a new home. The Twoleg kit likes Scourge's littermates, because they pretend to be cute, but Scourge doesn't want to pretend, or to get close to his littermates. But one of his littermates, Ruby, tells him that unwanted kits get thrown in the river. Scourge gets scared, and pretends to be cute, but the Twoleg kit just don't know that he is there, and goes straight to his littermates. So he gets very sad and afraid, so he gets out of the house. He strays into the forest, where he meets Thistleclaw, Tigerpaw, and Bluefur. Thistleclaw, insisting that Scourge is an instructer, tells his apprentice, Tigerpaw, to attack him, Bluefur, tries to stop him, saying that Scourge was just a little kit. But Thistleclaw says Bluefur acts too soft on kittypets, so Tigerpaw lunges at Scourge, and knocked him over and try to kill him. Luckily, Bluefur stopped Tigerpaw, and the ThunderClan cats walks away. Scourge goes downtown, and meets a cat who was willing to share her food with Scourge. And he learns what is a 'kittypet': cats that live with the Twolegs. He doesn't live with the Twoleg anymore, so he tries to take off his collar, but it doesn't work, so cats laugh at him, and Scourge gets very frustrated. The next day, he couldn't find that cat, so he strolls around, and finds a dog that left a tooth behind. Scourge tries to use the tooth to pull out the collar, but the tooth got stuck in the collar. When he met some cats, they ask him where the tooth is from. He lies that he killed a dog and pulled the tooth out for a trophy. They don't seem to believe him, but one day, two cats called Brick and Bone, who heard that Scourge killed a dog, asks him to help fight off a dog that is a treat to them. Scourge reluctantly agrees, but he was afraid to face the dog. Scourge decided to take a risk, and went to attack the dog at night, but the dog sees Scourge's shadows and gets surprised, and runs away. The cats call Scourge a hero, and asks what his name is. So he tells them that his name is Scourge. After that, many cats come to Scourge, and talks to him about problems and asks him to solve it. One day, some cats come to him, saying a few roughs are bullying stray cats in BloodClan territory, and he goes there, but the roughs laugh at him and say he is just a tiny kittypet. Scourge gets furious because they doesn't give him proper respect. So he kills one of the roughs, and they leave BloodClan territory. After that, the cats still comes to ask him to solve the problem, but now they brings him gifts and trophies. Scourge is glad that he gets whatever he wants, but he isn't still satisfied because he still hasn't forgot Tigerstar, and was wanting to revenge him. One day, Bone told Scourge that he had visitors, and those visitors were his littermates! They told him that their housefolk moved away and abandoned them, and that they didn't know how to get their own food. Scourge didn't want them in his territory, so he said he won't help, but gave them food to eat, and then chased them off BloodClan territory. Scourge still couldn't be saticfied, but when Scourge controlled every stray cats on town, and became very strong, Tigerstar came and told Scourge he had enemies in the forest. If he help him get rid of them, he will give Scourge some of the territories. And Scourge's foster Clanmate, Boulder, helped Tigerstar Convince him. So Scourge thought they needed the forest, so they went to the forest, but when Scourge and Tigerstar came to an arugment(?) Scourge killed Tigerstar, and that was the end of the story. After reading this book, I think I should think about the villain's past too. Scourge tried hard, but the only problem is that Scourge was too cruel, to the clans, and even to his own clanmates. I heard of the story of Barlely. Barley was born in BloodClan, where he broke Scourge's rules by living with one of his littermates, Violet. When his secrets was discovered, he was forced to watch Violet getting beaten up by two of Scourge's followers who also happened to be Barley and Violet's other littermates, but luckily Violet survived an was taken in by a kittypet who promised that it's housefolk will take care of her. I think Scourge should have been nicer too. But when you read the book, there isn't stuff like that, but I think he is quite cool. And if you see the picture closely, I think Scourge is quite cute. 


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