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    | 추천수: 6 | 등록일: 2022.6.20 오전 4:20
  • Hello, everyone! Today, I'm going to tell you my day at a concert.
    So, the sad news is that my dad couldn't come, because he had a golf compotition and had to take the car. Our family have only one car, because we don't go to a lot of places seprately, while some of my friends have 2 cars because they're very busy and has to go to places seprately. Anyways, since my dad took the car, we had to go to Frankfrut, (a city in Germany) by U-bahn, a similar thing to a train, to get to the little house where we had the concert. I learn violin, and so does my other 2 friends, called Jiyoon, and Sieun.(They're also doing the concert.) My mom and I had to wait in the train for about 40 minitues! Not joking! You probably thought that the concert was like a group concert, didn't you?! Well it was a SOLO CONCERT and we all had the same teacher, and she teaches violin and piano. Well, mostly violins. The violin performers went first, then the piano performers. I learn Suzuki violin book 3 now, and I performed a song called "Humoresque" and a song from a recent movie (which is Encanto,) called "What Else Can I Do?" What else can I do was hard because we only practiced it like, 2 times and, no joking! Thankfully,they went perfectly well, and the piano performance? It went perfectly well too! I played a song called " Summer" But the piano was very stiff because it was a REAL piano, like you know, the piano made with strings and stuff inside?! AND IT WAS MADE WITH WOOD! So, it was very hard to make a sound with it. You have to press very HARD to make a sound. BTW, when you look at the side of the key while pushing on it, it is brown, because of the wood. It took a loooooooooong time to finish all of the performers.. Anyways, good thing?! Well, the good thing was that I wasn't nervous AT ALL!! But my friends were nervous, even for the rehershal! That's the end of my day of the concert! Hope you enjoyed!
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