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  • [창작동화] Triangle Relationship #Chapter 3
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  •  The other day, the school ring rang, announcing the end of the day's school. Everyone stood up, making a noisy sound with the chairs. Hazeel, too, was busily packing her bagpack. Suddenly, someone approached her.

     "Wanna go home together?" It was Declan. Hazeel nodded, zipping up her backpack. They lived in the same apartment building, and that was one of the reasons they were so close. Sometimes, they would go to the school or home together. 

     As Hazeel waited for Declan to finish packing his own backpack, she saw Grace writing something on a piece of paper. The paper was small, the size of a kid's hand, with red hearts on a childish pink color. Hazeel frowned. What was she going to do now? 

     Never mind, she thought. She's always doing strange things like that. It's probably some kind of memo.

     "Ready!" Declan called to Hazeel in a joyful voice. He was probably looking forward to going home with Hazeel. Or just looking forward to kicking his favorite green striped ball. Everyone knew he wanted to be a soccer player and always kicked his ball whenever he had time.

     They were walking through the hallway, talking about the annoying game they had in P.E. class, when suddenly someone called and ran toward Declan. Uh, Hazeel thought, not looking toward the direction. It's Grace again. What does she ever want?!

     Declan turned, looking confused.

     "Grace? What's up?"

     Grace let out harsh breaths and talked breathlessly.

     "This... is... for... you..."

     Then she handed over the pink paper she was writing some time ago. The title said, 'Dearest Declan' with a little heart all around the name. Hazeel felt dizzy. Now, now. Of course, Grace couldn't ever propose Declan, not especially in an open place like this! She coul...

     "Oh... hi, Hazeel. I mean, goodbye!"

     Grace ran away, hiding her face from stunned Declan and Hazeel standing like statues. Almost everyone in the floor was curious what was happening, and most boys, even those who didn't know Declan, Hazeel or Grace, was booing maliciously. 

     "Let's go." Declan murmured to Hazeel, pulling her hand with his. It was warm. Hazeel followed him obediently.

     As they went home through few squiggly streets, under trees, and beside brambles, but they just talked about the day, not about Grace. It was a quiet, awkward talk. And Declan was still clutching the paper Grace had given him. 

     Then, he talked quietly to Hazeel.

     "Sorry, but can you put this into my backpack? It's uncomfortable to carry."

     Pausing, Hazeel said, "Aren't you going to read it? What are you going to say to Grace?"

     Declan shrugged as if he didn't care.

     "What for? I'm not gonna say anything to her. I don't like her in that way."

     Hazeel felt light, like she left a big burden in the bushes. She took the paper from him, and put it in his full, heavy backpack.

     "I can carry your shoes bag." She offered. Declan paused and then nodded gratefully. 

     Before Hazeel zipped his backpack completely, however, she read Grace's pink paper.


     'Dearest Declan💖💖

     Hi, Declan! This is GRACE ROCKWOOD. You know, I really love you. Really! You're so handsome, nice and all! 

     Do you like me too? I hope so. We are in the same class and attend the same academy! I guess you have some kind of attraction toward me. You smile a lot. Am I right?

     So I mean to say, I like you, and if you like me, can you be my boyfriend?

     I'll wait for your reply. My phone number is 010-****-####, and if you want to tell me directly, I'll wait for you in front of the P.E. class at the first recess, Thursday this week.

     I hope we can be a couple! I really love you💖💖

     Your love, Grace' 


     Hi, readers. Did you enjoy the new chapter of Triangle Relationship? Sorry I uploaded it so late. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll write chapter 4 tomorrow!

    - Gemma