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  • [창작동화] Zombies M -Beginning(1-1)
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  •            Zombies 1-1


        From now, nobody knew one zombie might change the entire planet into misery. So that means nobody expected it.

    It was sunday, and there were no schools for children. And parents rested at home.

    It was actually a very peaceful morning when..

    **Meanwhile at space**
    "This is Hudson. Can you hear me." said Hudson.

    "Yes I can very well hear you."

    "We discovered something weird, its a star.. in green. There are planets blue, and stars red, blue, sky blue and other colors. But neither it was green. Should we back up, sir?" asked Hudson.

    "The Astronomers will probably send us back. Just take a picture and write a simple sentence and that's all you need to do." said the Commander.

    "As you say." said Hudson, he moved closer to the star. And wrote "All green. Scary looking."

    Then he saw a green thing coming over to him. He realized it was a mist.

    "Hey, back the spaceship up toward Earth."
    "It will take 5 minutes because the controllers won't work. I will bring the Professor."

    After a few moments the ship backed up and toward Earth.

    "There are still the green thing on the spaceship sir, almost invisible, but still see.. Um.. sir?" the voice from the other room said. Soon the voice came to the room.


    "The spaceship's coming. Get ready and stay away!" said the Commander waving toward the crew commity.

    "Yes sir." said one of them whose name was Assolo.

    Assolo called Hudson but Hudson didn't asnwer, "Oh right. He's busy."

    "Assolo, come back here." said the Commander.

    "Yes sir." Assolo, replied. 

    "Do you see that thing, it's quite invisible, but you could see it right?" asked the Commander.

    "Maybe it's some joke, Hudson is playing." said Assolo but he wasn't smiling.

    The spaceship came and the hatch opened.

    "Hudson, came back with that-" the Commander's voice shook a little. Assolo looked at the spaceship, it looked totally fine but..

    Assolo gulped as green figures poured out. 

    Assolo began to run away but his eyes soon faded as he collapsed to the floor.

    "Assolo? Assolo?"
    There were the last voices that Assolo could hear.


    "Mr. Mayor." 

    "I said don't call me like that, call me Mayor Junior, that makes me comfortable enough." said the Mayor.

    "Okay, Mr. Mayor. Anyway there is a problem with the space station." said the assistant.

    "There is nothing wrong with the space station. I check several times you know. And our space station is the best of all the countries."
    "We lost contact with the station." 

    "What? We'd better get over there." said the Mayor.

    "That's not the safest thing to do, Mr. Mayor. There are other busy things to do left."

    "Alright, alright. Then I will just call the Commander. I have his number you know. I will just call him. I think that it's just a coincidence with the wires or something. They probably called the experts to handle it." said the Mayor as he typed the numbers of the Commander.


    But nobody answered.

    "That's weird. Maybe they are just working, or the Commander's phone is just off."
    "I suspect that too." said the Assistant as she left the office. The Mayor leaned on his armchair, trying to rest. The last few days have been very tiring.

    He grabbed the remote and turned the television on.

    *In the Television*

    "The whole country has lost connect to the International Space Station. We don't know why, and the people who went there haven't came back. It has been the past few hours, but we can't understand why nobody's coming. There's quite a lot who went there, but haven't sent a single person yet. What is happening?"

    "Okay, I am driving to the station for now for an explanation. Somebody have to explain this, or I will confront this to the mayor."

    "Ha.. my name has spread far, well that's good enough."

    *In the Television*

    "What the..?" 



    The Mayor stood up "Something's happening whatever. I have to get there."

    The Mayor opened his office, "I am going to go outside for a few hours."
    "Take your time." said the Assistant.

    As the Mayor got outside, he got into a limousine and began to drive.

    He was near the Space Station, he was looking around for the parking lot when he noticed something. There were green figures with puffs of mist. The mayor sweated, "I'd better get out of here."

    The Mayor drove, and no one has seen him since.

    Yoon walked the streets, stretching her arms. She saw her friends at her favorite place. The Ice Cream stand.

    She ran over, and greeted his friends, Brittany and Alex. She had often thought Alex was a boy's name. But Alex's said not to think that at all.

    Brittany handed her an ice cream.

    "Did you hear the news?"
    "What news?" Alex asked.

    "The I.S.S has lost contact to the country."
    "That is just a commercial, no big deal. And besides, I am not interested in space stuffs."
    "No. A while ago, Hudson had discovered a new star."
    "I like stars." said Yoon picturing of a star pointing to 5 directions.

    Then they heard people screaming, "Ahh!" 

    Yoon caught up to them, "What is the matter?"
    "There are zombies on the whole city. And the Mayor's gone for hours. And most importantly, the President's gone!"

    *All credits go to Ding P*

    -I hope you enjoyed it-

    =I will not continue the Story, because I won't be having much time to write=

    =We are sorry for the inconveniece-

    -Just know that this is the beginning, if I write Zombies-

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