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  • [에세이] Moray Eels, and the stereotypes against it
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  • First Part: Moray eel's Secrets and Informations

    Moray eel. Have you heard of this skinny, carnivore eel? Well, many people doesn't know this eel's secrets. And many people have stereotypes against Moray eels. So we're going to break them today!

    1. What are Moray eels? (And the first stereotype)

    Moray eels are a type of an eel. They are nocturnal, which means that they move at night. They have a mouth inside a mouth (double jaws)! Pretty cool, huh? 

    The first jaw (outer mouth) bites, chews and tears the prey, while the second jaw(inner mouth) sends the torn pieces to the intestine. There's a stereotype here! Many people thinks that the inner jaw is attached with the outer jaw, or they think the inner jaw is attached to bones, but they're all wrong! Actually, the inner jaw is only attached to muscles. The MUSCLES are attached to the bones! 

    So when the eel keeps its mouth shut, the inner jaw goes deep into the eel's mouth. If it opens, and if the eel catches (bites) a prey, muscles move and the inner jaw shots out! You can't see the inner jaw, because most of the inner jaw shots out after the eel bites. Until the scientists dissected the eel, no one knew that Moray eels had double jaws!

    2. Moray eels' real personalities (And the second, third stereotypes)

    People think that Moray eels are harmless and cute. That's the second stereotype.

    Moray eels may look cute. But if you want to pet them, just pet them in your imaginations. Why? Because Moray eels are carnivore, and most carnivores have sharp teeth. If the eel bites you, you'll lose a few fingers, and even if you're lucky, your hand will get paralyzed for a long~ time. If a Moray eel killed 20 people by biting, 15 people probably died of excessive bleeding.

    At Youtube, trained divers give the eel snacks and pet them. (Actually they pet Wolf Eels more than Moray eels. Moray eels are aggressive.) If the divers try to go away, the Moray eel bites them. People think that the Moray eel liked the divers and didn't want them to go, but that's also a stereotype!

    The Moray eel wasn't interested in the divers. In fact, It was only interested in the snack (Sea stars, clams or small fish). The eel thought that the divers were also a prey. Fish aren't smart as humans. So if you try to feed Moray eels, it will see you as a snack too! So feeding carnivores are very dangerous!

    Moray eels are cute and adorable. But they have some cruel and dangerous sides too! So, do not touch or feed them!

    Just enjoy them in the aquarium!


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