Dearest. Haru, April, short note to Linda(I'll answer Olivia, Jane and Grace later) | 리틀팍스
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  • [편지] Dearest. Haru, April, short note to Linda(I'll answer Olivia, Jane and Grace later)
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    Dearest. Haru💚

    Hi Haru, thank you and I'm terribly, awfully sorry for making you wait for a long time. I was busy, and I didn't try to write you back because my mom limited my time. I owe you big apology. Well, I was really touched by your friendly and kind letter. 
    Plus, you shouldn't say sorry to me because I wrote you another late, lazy letter again. 
    Um, I got Photo cards(Known as Poca) of Ive-Do you know about them? It's an Idol and I like them so much! Also now I have new diary-named one sentence diary. I write them every 1 week. On the first page it has a very beautiful painting of Anne(Anne of Green Gables). Speaking of them, what is your favorite character of Anne of Green Gables? I like Anne and Diana. 
    Wow, your sister is 17! It will be fun to play with her...Hehe I have a question. Does she do LFEW too?
    Um.. You don't need to join it unless you want to, it's your choice. Anyway, I have to stop-I'm really sorry for my short letter. Bye~! Have a great day^^


    Dearset. April, 
    Hi April! It's Lavina and thank you sooo much for waiting me. I f you were me, I could be really mad...I am really, awfully, trully sorry. Will you forgive me?
    When I saw your note(?), I was really touched because of your kindness. I will try to answer you ASAP from now on. 
    Plus, I recived really warm and long letter. I coudnot write it! :-P
    Well, I'm really greatful to have you. I feel that everytime when I log in Little Fox. Speaking of it, did you sigh up for 'CLASS'? Actully I saw most of the chapter in Class, so I  signed up for 'Anne of Green Gables'. 
    Oh! If you are around big libraries, maybe you could find it. It's kind of a brag, but guess what! My mom bought me three books of <WARRIORS-Super edition>!!! And it's limited adition. It's fun! I hope U find the book. You will love it when you start to read!!(It's my opinion)
    Yes of course, when I finished reading series 1, I loved searching or learrning about cats! Even on the sidewalks...Hehe
    Well, you are smart! Plus, I have a question...My mentor, Stonie(Stoneleaf), said someone in Littleclan's Warrior blog said she would join WARRIORS FAN CLUB too. She's just Silver-not Silverpaw, not a warrior. I don't know who it is. Actully, I asked Cinderstar if I could join it and she said yes. And I think I know who she is. 

    And thank you for the understandment....I sometimes don't know what people talking about because they use some difficult(???) words and......
    Lastly, I was really glad when you and Sarah volunteeered(I think I'm going crazy) for the relay novel! I'm really glad to write with you. And about Lucia and Laia's younger brother's name, I'll change it to Lonan....I'm so sorry April! I made a stupid mistake. 
    Anyway I have to stop because now I have to study history. Byebye~!

    With love,

    Note to Linda,
    Hi Linda-It's Lavina and I'm glad you lettered me. Well, I wasn't mad at you but little anxious because readers will wait for you. I had no choice and it's the rule. I hope you are okay with that. Oh, I'm thinking of writing relay novel with you(The name is 'Angel'...? My poor memory....TT TT). Anyway, others are waiting for my letter. So, Bye~!


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