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  • [창작동화] Perhaps, Maybe_ Chap.12
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  • Perhaps, Maybe


    Adrienne kept ran until she bumped into someone. 
    "Ouch!" The person cried.
    "Sorry." Adrienne apologized, not even looking at the person. But the person did saw her face rightly.
    "Adrienne? What's wrong?"
    Adrienne looked up, and there was Evan!
    Adrienne shut her eyes tightly to calm her voice down, then looked back at Evan.
    "It's nothing." Then she tried to walk past him. But Evan grabbed her by an arm.
    "No, it's something. Tell me, what's the matter?"
    Adrienne wanted to say "I'm okay.", But tears burst out instead.
    Evan - didn't know what to do - just stood before her when Hayley rushed into Evan's sight. 
    "Adrienne, please! Let me explain- "
    And Hayley noticed Evan. "Oh, Evan! Why are you here?"
    Evan opened his mouth. "I...... don't know. Um, I'll leave so you two can have a, uh, talk. See you."
    Then Evan turned back to walk away from them, but Adrienne stopped him.
    "I don't have anything to talk about with her."
    Hayley opened her mouth again. "But I- "
    But Adrienne didn't listen and shouted, "I don't want to hear anything from you!"
    Evan looked at Hayley, who was in verge of tears. The two girls were about to quarrel and break apart, if somebody don't stop them. So Evan nodded to Hayley lightly, and grabbed Adrienne's wrist.
    "Let's go downstairs, Adrienne. I think someone is looking for you. See you later, Hayley."
    And he made Adrienne went downstairs with him. Adrienne just followed him.
    When they were out of Hayley's sight, Evan stopped.
    "I'm going to the classroom. Come when you're all right."
    Adrienne said. "Didn't you said someone is looking for me?"
    Evan spun around. "I just said that to...... make you came downstairs. I'm sorry."
    "But why?" Adrienne asked again.
    "Because," Evan sighed. "I didn't wanted to see you two break apart. I don't know what is causing trouble, but maybe that's just some misunderstanding."
    "But it's not," Adrienne said. "She betrayed me!" Tears fell down again, but Adrienne didn't care.
    "Betrayed you? I- "
    Just then, they both heard someone's voice - laughing and chattering with other kids. "Oh yes, I guess that fools are now very unhappy, thanks to- "
    Evan and Adrienne looked at each other and ran to the emergency staircase. 
    They both knew the voice's owner - Lauren Stewart!
    As soon as they reached the staircase, Evan slammed shut the door behind. Adrienne pressed her ear to the door. She could hear Lauren and her friends' voices getting fainter and fainter, and finally fade away.
    "I think she's gone now." Adrienne said.
    Evan nodded. "Let's go outside."
    But Adrienne sat down on the stairs.
    "You go outside. I'll go when...... she gone."
    "Who, Lauren? But she's already gone!"
    "No, I mean- " Adrienne paused. " -Hayley."
    Evan didn't show any ex-pressions this time. Instead, he just sat down to a stair beside Adrienne.
    "Why don't you go out?" Adrienne asked, confused. 
    Evan shrugged. "Because you don't."
    "So what? Go for yourself!"
    Evan looked a little flustered by this question.
    "Well...... actually, I want to ask you about the matter of you and Hayley."
    Adrienne sighed. "Why do you want to know that?" 
    But she told everything about Evan anyway. Adrienne didn't know why she's telling her private matters to a boy - but however, she told him.
    "...... and she promised me that she won't ever speak to Rosa Perkins, but she broke the promise and betrayed me!" Adrienne said to Evan. Evan stayed silent.
    "So, what will you do now?" Was Evan's first word.
    "I don't know. Maybe I won't speak with them." Adrienne replied shortly.
    "Okay." Evan stood up and went to the door.
    "Where are you going?"
    "To the classroom, of course. Well, you ordered me to go, remember?" Evan said quietly.
    "Oh right." Adrienne said, feeling her face turning red. "See you later."
    Evan nodded and opened the door. Suddenly Adrienne felt a little lonely - then Evan turned around again.
    "Aren't you really coming with me?" He asked.
    Adrienne sprang up. "I'll go."
    Then the two of them walked to their classroom. 
    When they past Hayley's classroom, Adrienne remembered of her mom's word. 'You don't need to care so much about the people who are bad to you. Care more for the people who are nice to you.'
    "So, I'll not care for Hayley from now on." She said quietly to herself.
    "What did you say?" Evan asked.
    "Oh, it's nothing." Adrienne mumbled.


    Written by_ April28
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