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    | 추천수: 1 | 등록일: 2023.9.19 오전 10:18
  • September 19

    Dearest. Grace💜💜,

    WOW! I gasped when I read your letter!
    It was really, Really, REALLY long!

    Also, it was so intelligent, splendid, fantastic, loveliest, and kind :D
    Thank you sooooooooo much for everything🤍🤍

    And thanks for your sweet comments about my last letter :)

    Oh, thank you really much for saying my letter wasn't late.

    You are really so kind💜 (No, you weren't rude!)

    You're okay if I take some rest from here?
    Thank you for understanding me so well!
    But I shouldn't take a rest from here until I finish my chapter of Raindrop.

    YES! I think you are sweet and great for that's true :)

    Thanks for saying you think I am a perfect writer!
    Still, I know that can't be a fact...;;

    Nope! Your English ability is much, Much more perfect!

    Yeah.... I'm still stuck....TT
    I'm feeling really sorry for my partners and to readers....

    Thanks for wishing me to have some ideas..

    You are so good to me, but I'm not........

    There's really nothing to be sorry!

    I'm the one who's feeling sorry to you!
    Ohhhhh, thank you for telling me you think I am not rude..!
    But that's not true...

    I wish I can be so kind like you💗

    Yes, I hope we both have best friends in our very same age.

    Yep! I will be fun to go somewhere with good friends.

    And I hope I can go somewhere with my friends...!

    Right...! I have really many favorite series.

    Sometimes when I tell my favorite series to others,

    There's so many that I forget to say one...Ha-ha🤭

    Yeah! I have a phone that I can't make calls..

    Oh, you only can use them at media time?
    You make animation?

    That's totally, completely amazing!

    I hope I can make my own animation someday...He-he💙

    Wow, you like other's TMI too?
    Well, I think hearing other's TMI is fun..😆

    Ooh, I like bead bracelet and hair pin and hair band too!

    All of them is so pretty :D

    I agree. I should tie my hair too for it's too hot.

    Me? Hmm.. I think I like all the types of accessories🤍

    Well, I think your letter's style is soooooo cute><
    I liked your old one too but I think the new one is more cute!
    But there was a stupid mistake...

    I should have clicked Good since I like the new style even more!
    But I clicked Fantastic instead..;;

    I'm sooooooooo sorry.... 

    I'll try to control my mouse (computer) more well!

    Anyway, I agree with you. It can be boring to use the same font.

    There is no reason to say 'Oops' for I like TMI!

    Your letter wasn't, never short!

    This one is the one I call 'short'..

    Sorry for so boring letter but I have to stop...TT

    Bye! Have a enthusiastic day🤍💜🤍

    With All My Heart,

    From. Jane

    (P.S Please click 'Fantastic' after read all! Thank you❣❣)

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