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    | 추천수: 5 | 등록일: 2023.9.19 오전 11:24
  • LFHC

    Eleanor is joining LFHC! Welcome~!!

    LFHC members
    • Anna (anna101216)
    • April (April28)
    • Eleanor (Eleanor0421)
    • Grace (Graceㅣmercy)
    • Half-moon Chest Cat (Half-moon Chest Cat in Korean)
    • Jane (ㅣJANEㅣ)
    • Lucy (LucyㅣHaru)
    • Ron (Ronaldo7)

    Vote result
    The profile vote result is...... 'Let's make the profile for LFHC members'!

    About the Profile
    Now members, we have to upload your profile - according to the vote result.
    And I think it'll be good if we write these five things in the profile : 
    1. Nickname, 2. Gender, 3. Age, 4. Home-school name, 5. Note to other LFHC members.
    Let's make the profile that contains these things. And if do you want to write other things in the profile, please letter me :)

    See you next time! =)
이전글 April28|2023-09-19
다음글 ㅣJANEㅣ|2023-09-19