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  • [편지] Dear Eleanor0421_Half-moon Chest Cat__
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    | 추천수: 1 | 등록일: 2023.9.19 오후 2:19
  • Dear Eleanor,

    Hi, Eleanor! It's April :) I think you missed my letter! Here's the link ↓↓
    Please answer me =) As you can see, I titled your name as 'Eleanor', not 'Eleanor0421'. Did it made you confused? Sorry... T.T
    I just titled it as Eleanor, because almost everybody in LFEW doesn't write numbers or symbols when they writes letters to friends.
    But if you wants me to write your name as Eleanor0421, I'll do that...!
    So, What should I call you? Eleanor? Or Eleanor0421?
    I'll wait for your answer❤❤ Have a good day!


    Dear Half-moon Chest Cat,

    Hi, it's your friend April! Thanks for your letter, Half-moon Chest Cat🐈
    Your letter wasn't that short! Please don't feel burden abou that :)
    Oh yes, then I guess your house doesn't crowded anymore.
    Instead, it'll be kind of quiet, right? Do you prefer your house to be quiet or crowded(?)?
    My favorite character in those animations?
    Hmm, my favorite character in <Anne> is Anne and Walter(Anne's son).
    And I like Perda the best in Red Magic. I think she's very pretty🤎
    You wear glasses? Me too! And mine is round-shape too.
    Plus, my hair is short too! I had haircut and dyed my hair last week =)
    What's your hair color? Ah, do you like having bangs? 
    I want to got bangs too, but it makes my face looking bigger(...!!) so I don't make bangs😅
    Oh, that reminds me. Do you know the personal color(Cool tone, Warm tone......)?
    What's your personal color? 
    Ugh,, I guess I have to stop now T_T Thanks for reading, and bye!
    Have a great day💖


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