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  • [창작동화] Jack And Cora 8: Peace. -Final chapter-
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  • 8.Peace                                                                                    -Final chapter-

    Alex is strong dog. But I am clever.

    'If Cora help me... I can win.'

    "Cora! Help me! Hurry!"

    I shout. Cora attack Alex. But Alex is stronger than Jack And Cora.

    "I have idea! Jack, run to the riverside!"

    Cora shout.  And she start to running. I follow Cora.

    'Oh! I have great stamina! And Cora too!If we run long! He will out of strength!'

    After some time, Jack attack Alex. With Cora. Alex is weak. And he can't  fight.

    Now Alex is dead.

    "Jack, Let's Go. Go to home..."

    Said Cora.Jack and Cora go to 'Big Rock.' 'Big Rock' is Cora's home. It is beside riverside. 



    " Can we go to the forest?"


    "You said we can go."

    "Okey...But I'm to sleepy... Let's go  tomorrow."

    One years later. Now they live in forest. With seven cubs. Akantha live in forest too. But she live in north. And they are live in south.Some time... They gather in the 'Big Rock'. Akantha  have eleven cubs. She live with dog named Lucky. 

    ' At last!City and forest is not a danger place. Just peaceful place. We can run and hunt now'

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