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    | 추천수: 3 | 등록일: 2024.6.22 오후 1:33
  • Hi! my first story(Jack And Cora) is ended!

    Now I will wright new story. I 'm not very good at wright story.


    I am planing to write <Wolf Of The River>.

    It is story about gray wolf that have no pack.

    I write this story because I like wolf!

    I f you want this story... Tell me!

    Fantastic- I like it!

    good- I want another story!

    And do you like my first story?

    Interesting-Very good!

    Cheer up- Not bad

    Congrats- bad

    Thank you!

이전글 찬유1230|2024-06-23
다음글 GTM0607Ariel|2024-06-22