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  • [기타] If I can be an animal for a day
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    | 추천수: 4 | 등록일: 2024.6.23 오전 11:38
  • If I sew a pretty or awesome animal, I imagine what their life would be like. So today I will write about if I can be an animal for a day.

    first I want to be a bird. I don't mind what kind of bird I would like to be. 

    I want to be a bird because humans have to ride planes or helicopters to fly. But birds can fly their own. 

    So if I can be a bird I will fly to the top of the sky and suddenly drop to the ground. I think I can do that a million times. 

    But I hope if I become a bird, I wish My fear of heights will gone. 

    But I will be hungry if I do that a million times. So I will go to the nearby beach and eat some crackers that people throw at Me. I did that once on a beach. 

    But if the crackers are too salty, I will drink people's water instead of beach water. Because beach water is more salty than the crackers. 

    After I drink the water I will go to the top of the apartment. But if people are not taking pictures of Me then I will go to one of the apartment's windows. And if someone takes a picture of Me, I will fly away. 

    And when I'm tired, I will build a nest and go to sleep. But I don't know how long building a nest will take. Because I never tried. 

    Anyway, I think I'm glad that I was born as a Human. Because birds can't eat Human's food!           

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