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  • [창작동화] Gone forever #Chapter.3
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  •                                    Gone forever
                                                                               Chapter. 2
    Ellie sighed. Ellie actually liked Via-She meant Olivia. Via was named by Ellie who liked her much more than Rora-eariler. Now Via became a girl who didn't care friends and actually hang out with friends. Ellie sighed twice. She didn't know how this thing started-or why Via became to careless at Ellie and Rora. Now she was actually making Rora hate Via too and she knew it was wrong. She made bad things and stories about Via which was not true. She actually hated but loved her friend. She wanted to be again friends with her but she knew this wasn't the right thing to say bad things about her to make her feel guilty and become friends with her. "I miss but hate Via." She murmered.
    Ellie looked upon and tried to forget all about the things. Via was looking at her. Ellie wondered if she had heard the thing she had said about Via. "V-Via. What are you doing here?" Via turned her hair behind her shoulders so she could keep nothing on her shoulders. "Nothing special. "I just wanted to see you." Via looked around if to see like she was trying to find Rora. Ellie hoped not. She had to discuss with Via that was very special, and she really needed to. Luckly, Rora didn't appear, and Via went on talking. "Ellie, I know that I had been not caring about our friendship. I would have to apologize to Rora too, but Rora's not here, so I thought um.. I should apologize to you firstly. If you see Rora, please say that I want to apologize. I agree I should care about our friendship." Via saw that Ellie's face was little wrinkling but became better than the first time. "And I should care about faries, too." Ellie couldn't be mad now. Via still remember their three fairy jokes. At the age nine they all loved faires. Via espically loved Bell in the disney-and Ellie and Rora loved Cinderella. Ellie mentioned since her name reminded of the color blue somehow, so she insisted she only like princess or faires who were blue or pale blue or skyblue-or whatever color that was blue. Rora liked Cinderella because she was beautiful. Via just liked Bell because her hair was long lke herself. "Yes, you too."
    Ellie murmered, but her feelings were gettig better. "Our faries had been missing you, Via." "Yes, but now I changed my favorite fairy."
    "Who is it?" Ellie wondered but wasn't too curious, because now all three hated faires and now just said thing as a joke.
    "Tinker-bell. I like that little glittery things." Via said like a little child, so Ellie had to laugh. She couldn't bear to keep her face like usual. 
    "Hey, Via." Ellie decided she had to talk about this. "Anyway, I had to ask about this, why are you not talking to us as usual as we used to be? Rora had missed you." Via sighed. "I know, and I am talking about this, Ellie." Her voice became much more softer. "And I really think I need to apologize. I actually broke up with Alex." "What?" Ellie was stunned. "To make our friendship back, I thought I needed more less things I need to bring attention, you know. So I won't regret that." Ellie smiled sheepishly. "Thanks." She doubted Via would be mad if she mentioned what fault she had made. So she thought to say that at the time it was okay and Via was more looked dis-stressed. It was class-time again.
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