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  • [창작동화] Alone at Dawn #4
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  • It was 2 o clock at dawn.I had terrible dream.My grandmother was in her room.I thought she was sleeping.I can't sleep because I kept thinking about that dream.So,I decided to go outside.I dressed up quickly but quitely.After I dressed up I walked slowly to the front door.I opened the door very carefully not to make a sound.Finally I went outside.And luckly my grandmother didn't notice me sneak out.I went to the park and sat at the bench.I was looking at the my phone.My friend send me a message.It said 'Can you watch movie with me tomorrow?'.My friend send me a message at 10 o clock.I send her a message.'Sorry,I can't.I'm in grandmother's house for summer vacation..'

    I thought I was only person the park.But I was wrong.Someone was sitting next to me.I was scared.I slowly glanced at that person.She was younger than me.I was thinking her age is 9.I decided  to talk to her.

    "Can I asked you some question?"I asked very bravely.

    She nodded to me.

    "Why are you here?And What's your name?How old are you?"I blurted out all the quistion that I had.

    I regreted to said that immediately.It wasn't good to start conversation so many quistion.But she answered very calmly.

    "I'm Anna.I'm 9 years old."she answered.

    Strangely,Anna didn't answer one questions.That question was "Why are you here?"But I don't mind not knowing.And Anna sound familar.Anna?I thought I heard many time.

    'I think it's familar because Anna is one of the character in Frozen.'I thought.

    Thinking of Frozen remided of my sister Emily,because she liked Frozen so much when she was alived.She often weared Frozen dresses when she was 7.I was thinking of Emily for a long time.

    "Uh....What are you thinking about?"Anna asked.

    "My sister Emily......"I answered with sad face.

    "She died 2 years ago......I losted all the hope."I said.

    The tears rolled down to my cheek.

    Anna didn't said anything but staring at my face with sympathy look.

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