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  • [기타] Emma's friend list!!^^!!
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    | 추천수: 6 | 등록일: 2023.1.16 오후 9:05
  • Emma's friends list!!^^!!

    I never realized but I have 12 friends!! ^3^ Wow!!!!!! I also write each friends personal(?).

    Jihyo - Jihyo is one of my great friend!!! He is s~~~~~~o kind and I think he is good at English^^And he has kind heart            and reply me quick. If he made a mistake, he aplogized me very quick!!! SHe is very kind!

    Leafspark - I think she's famous in LFEW right? she has so many friends so didn't have to write me but she always wrote                 me with a warm letter!! But I think she is busy these days.

    Sero - WOW! She always answer my letter very quick!!! I never seen a friend like Sero! She is very kind and always wrote          me with a warm letter!!!!!!! Now, I couldn't expected without Sero in LFEW^^

    Cinderstar - Indeed she is very kind friend too! If I'm sick or my bones are broken, she really worried about me! SHe has                 kind heart♥♡ But I think she is busy these days cause she is not lettering to me....

    Stoneleaf - Hmm.....I don't know much about Stoneleaf because I only shared her with letters a few times.(I don't know                 why) But indeed she has kind heart and I think she is famous too in LFEW!!!

    Zoe - I friend with her long time and she always cares about me and always letter me with a warm letter!^^! She apologizes         even a little thing so I wanted to respect her. Indeed she has warm heart and always cheering me UP!

    Ailey - I don't know much about her because she was busy that she only sent me a few letters and she's not lettering me          these days...But she tried to letter me even she is busy so I felt very sorry for her.....

    Viola - OMG! She is very great friend!! I'm glad I became friend with her because she is always cheerful so when I'm sad,          because of Viola, my feeling's became cheerful too!!! I like her very much!!!

    Veronica l Linda - She and I were a friend for a long time! She is very kind but I think she is busy these days because                       she letter me few times. But I know that Linda is my best best best friend because she is kind,                             cheerful and sometimes worried about me! She really is a best friend!!!

    Adela - She and I were a friend for a long time! She is quite busy so she is not lettering me these days but she            has kind heart!!!

    Peter Park - I only friend him for a short time so I don't know much about him but I like him very much! He is gentle and                  kind!!!!

    Jianypa(Cindy) - She is a really kind friend! I read all of her story and think she could be a famous writer!!!! Her plot is                          very good and she is very kind and always worried about me if I'm hurt or something. I like her very                         much^^

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