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  • [기타] about me Quiz # from Lina # second Leafpaw # third telpaw # 4 Youtuber
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    | 추천수: 2 | 등록일: 2022.5.13 오전 9:06
  • Hi it's leopardstar! but I think many peoples are still calling me into Sarah. that's okay. I'm still Sarah too! Leopardstar is just my endearment..? lol well, today I'm doing Guessing contest. I had ask to Lina can I do her idea of this contest, so I think I can do this. 

    it won't be long, and it can be easy. but please remember this, my height is very short. my mom always says, "the Children who were very tall will not grow when she/he becomes adult." I think she is right, but I hope I can be tall like my friends. okay, I will start right now. please don't make me silly with my height, I don't think why I'm short too! my mom and dad is very tall, but why I'm short?!

    and even my sisters are very tall! oh my.. I cannot believe this.. many ** years-old's is 150~155, but I'm... NOT....

     I hope you guys had read this message, and don't tell me "why your height is too short?"... I'm too sad and mad if you guys do that. 

    I'll not leave LFEW, but I'll never be her/he's friend. okay? oh, let's start quickly. I think you guys are waiting for me. start!

    How old I am? - 9~13 

    what is my favorite color? - not purple, red, Yellow. 

    how many siblings I have? - 1~5

    when is my Birthday? - 1, 2, 3

    what is my height? - 140~145

    what is my favorite Book? - this is very famous, many users had read it before I think. 

    who is my S.B.B (super best friend) in LFEW? - two. spell starts with L, and other starts with J.

    over. thanks for reading, please don't make me sad or mad with my height. yes, I know that my height is too short, I recognition it. 

    but if you make me silly with it, you'll be too childish. Bye.

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다음글 예슬이다옹ㅣJoy|2022-05-12