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  • [창작동화] Warriors: Moonlight 3, Hard Times
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  • It was the day after he had went to the Moon-stone with the two medicine cats. As Larch-pool padded through the thick bushes up brambles and near the camp, he heard a faint yowl. Yowl that belongs to his Clan-mates. Larchpool squinted through the brambles to see what happened in his Clan.

       "Dusty-heart, may I go and check out?" Larch-pool asked to a dark-gray senior warrior.

       "Yes, since we've finished the patrol." Dustyheart replied, looking curious, too, as he padded up to the entrance. "Hope another kit didn't die through the leaf-bare.." Larchpool heard his murmur, and he sighed, too.

       It was leaf-bare, and it especially snowed a lot in this leaf-bare, so the four Clans were suffering, and desperate to catch one more prey to keep their Clan strong. WaveClan cats, who owned only a small pond where fish swam and a comparably small territory, was suffering the most. Pond-kit already died, defeated by the cold weather and not enough food for him to eat. After Pondkit's death, WaveClan cats were suffering every moment as if there was a reminder of the little kit's death. 

       "Flicker-tail, what's going on?" Larch-pool asked to his brown-tabby friend. As he read her emotion from her eyes, he could feel her sadness; too strong that he felt that her emotion belong to his.

       "Midge-kit," she started to wail. "She died after Pond-kit!"

       Lost his words, Larch-pool's green eyes clouded with worries and sadness. He quietly glanced around the other cats, surrounding Bristle-heart and Midge-kit. He could feel every emotion they felt, and as he glanced at one cat and another, he felt as if he was pulled by something into a deep river and pressured.

       "She died!" Bristle-heart, well-aware of her kit's death, started to yowl. "She died!" she cried loudly.

       "Calm down, Bristleheart. We all know that Midge-kit is settled in the Fallen Sky. She will look down toward us from the sky that other Fallen Warriors had stayed." Full-star, the Clan leader, started to comfort Bristleheart and honor her kit's death.

       "How can you order me to be calm when I lost yet another kit!" Bristle-heart growled.

       "Bristle-heart, you have to let go of Pond-kit's soul now." Larch-pool spotted his Clan-mate, Pale-soul pushing the cats and getting out to the clearing. Palesoul, a pale ginger tom, was Bristle-heart's mate as Pondkit and Midge-kit's father. Larchpool could see that his eyes were blank and his hoarse voice.

       "We still have Blaze-kit and White-kit, Bristle-heart. And we will not lose them." Pale-soul spoke out, not only to Bristleheart but the whole Clan. 

       "Yes, and we won't let the kits die, helplessly." Full-star meowed. "We will let Rain-foot and Dawn-owl bury Midge-kit tomorrow morning." he meowed again. Yowls and growls of agreement filled the camp as Fullstar's word; they were more than determine to not lose another cat.

       "Well, I wonder if we can survive this leaf-bare.." Under his breath, Larch-pool meowed. 

       The next morning, Larch-pool was watching the elders, Dawn-owl and Rain-foot burying Midge-kit's body with Flicker-tail close to him.

       "Mommy, I want Midgekit to stay with me!" Blaze-kit squeaked.

       Bristle-heart's amber eyes were fixed to the little kit's body helplessly. She didn't seem to hear her son squeaking. 

       "Midgekit will always be with you, in the same way but in a different place." Pale-soul, Blazekit's father murmured. "Pond-kit, too, dear." he meowed. His miserable eyes glanced at his mate and then his son. "You already know that, Blazekit."

       Larch-pool stayed quiet. Especially since Bristleheart and her family was so gloomy and looked pale and week. He was just hoping that this tragic times would end someday.

    Written by Cloudie

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