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  • [Writing Topics] Spotlight, Lissa Cooks! 4 Salad Surprise
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    | 추천수: 1 | 등록일: 2022.6.22 오후 5:27
    • Spotlight, Lissa Cooks! 4: Salad Surprise Play
    • How do you feel when something unexpected happens? Do you like it, or does it feel stressful? Write as much as you can.
  •  People plan their lives. They plan it, and sometimes follow it and sometimes abandon it. But sometimes, life doesn't go as it is planned to be. Unexpected events happen, which makes your life more dramatic. If life went as things were planned, it would not be fun and it would be bored, because you already know what will happen: the thing you planned. 

     When unexpected events happen to me, I feel different by what kind of thing is is. 

     If something special and nice happens, I feel surprised and glad. I didn't expect it, and the most exhilarating moment of this surprise is not when I found out about it, but when I know something special is waiting for me, but I don't know what! I am bursting with curiosity and daydreaming about so many things I wanna have. But of course, the surprise is less than my best daydreams, so I feel just a little disappointed but anyway I love it.

     But, when the unexpected thing is a bad thing, I feel extremely uneasy. For example, if I didn't pack my pencils to school but I have to, and I realized that the day's morning, I feel so uneasy about what will happen, how I will cover up for myself, what can I do not to get so much blame, what Mom will say, etc. However, strangely, when the time comes to reveal the truth, I feel honest and calm. And I don't feel so terrible like I was just a few moments ago.

     Unexpected events might not be so welcoming in your daily life, but they are the things that makes lives full of surprises and not so automatic. If everything went as it were planned, as I said before, what difference there are between our lives and robots' ones? Unexpected things are still needed to make your life surprising and lively.

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