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  • [편지] To. Joy (And a note to Rubisco)
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    | 추천수: 3 | 등록일: 2022.6.22 오후 5:36
  • To. Joy

    Hello, Joy.

    I'm Cathy.

    I'm sorry for not writing a letter for so long day.

    I was busy.

    But I have time to write at Wednesday now.

    Also, I feel unhappy.

    It started at May.

    I feel tired.

    I like to use ~ and ! when I write something.

    But I only use . when I am unhappy.

    So, please read my letter carefully and think of my feeling.

    That can help me.

    Saying only 'Are you okay?' or 'Please feel well.' can make me feel more good.

    I like tecwondo.

    My teacher is fun.

    But, I don't like it sometimes now.

    Maybe because I didn't feel happy many time.

    My friends can didn't know that I am unhappy.

    I only smile to my friends.

    I hope you enjoy this letter.

    Bye, please read this.

                                                    Your friend,


    p.s Click Fantastic when you see this.

    To. Rubisco

    Hello, Rubisco.

    I'm Cathy.

    I can write you at Wednesday from now on.


    Sorry for so short note.

    Bye, please read this.

                                                 Your friend,


    p.s I feel unhappy and click Good when you see this.

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