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  • [창작동화] Perfection #2: Linda Marten
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    After the project pronunciation,Linda was known a lot from others. Of course,Melanie told as she herself had done well,but from most students' views,it was Linda who got an idea for it.

    But Linda didn't liked to be known all over the school. As Nick expected,she told everyone that Melanie was the one who did all this work.
    Well,seems that if no one is suspicious,it could be a good thing to both girls. But since this is a school where all the students were known by their works,everyone was whispering about Linda.
    And even if Linda didn't want people to talk about her,what can she do? So,it was quite natural for Linda to be known.

    In addition,she was from the gifted education,so it attracted the students' attention to her more than ever.

    As time passed,and Linda was still tucked into Melanie's group. Thanks to that,the group had made much progress. (From I knew from Middle School,the group projects were did by the group they organized freely-Author's note)
    Yet,this never made Linda Marten happy at all. In fact,she was getting all the spotlight in projects they did(Melanie covered some of the spotlight,but it was limited,since there were too many).
    Yet where there is spotlight,there are shadows. Well,rumors went around Linda,since she was from the gifted education school. There were several teases,plus a threat note since last week. But for some reason,Linda didn't reacted with any emotions. No one knew why. But all knew her face was cloudy and dark whenever that happened.
    Yet her spirit lifted whenever she was studying or doing projects. Whether it was from school,or in other places.
    And Robert Lemonica's feelings told that Linda is not a person to think in the same way as Melanie Floss. Of course,Nick Patterson knew it,but he seemed to act calm,even after he lost against her. That puzzled Robert as well as that matter,since Nick never lost in many contests.
    One day,Robert decided to check about Linda Marten,since she was now known from school. He quickly checked about Linda Marten,through the school website. And indeed, there were some informations about her. But there was 1 special thing. Linda Marten was a year under them.

    The next day,he told Nick about what he found out. Nick's answer was simple. "Yes."

    "So you found out those things as well?" Robert asked,and Nick nodded. Apparently,Nick had found the same information as well.
    "But there's one thing that mattered more than knowing her." Nick said.

    "What?" Robert asked.
    "You don't know? The spotlight is on Melanie's team mostly,and since Linda is not happy for it,I suspect that she would be leaving that group. I saw that you were thinking about inviting her to our group,which is a bit risky." Nick explained. "But every choice takes risks,and I think we'll tuck her into our group when she leaves there. How do you think about it?"

    Robert didn't need to think. "Yes."

    (A bit short,but hope you enjoy it!)

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