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  • [편지] Dear Stonepaw(Gemma)_Leafpaw_Luna_Joy
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  • Dear Gemma,

    Hi Gemma! My name is Annabeth. I'm lettering you cuz I want to be friends with you. I saw many of your posts and it was so good! I clicked a lot of 'Fantastic's to your writing too! I really liked your essay, My two Most Beloved Belongings. Congratulations on being selected as an al-ja writing(I think it's kinda wierd to write Korean in English)! Oh, and Let me introduce myself.

    Firstly, I'm thirteen years old(13) and my birthday is April twenty fourth(4/24), and I live in Daejeon, Korea. People around me say I'm kind, creative, good-natured, friendly and... smart? No, no that was just a joke. My favorite subject in school is English and Math. My name was Holmeslock a few months ago because I was really into Sherlock Holmes series. My name's Annabeth right now, because of my favorite character from the famous fantasy novel, Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. Her name is Annabeth Chase, and in the book, she is the daughter of Athena(She's a god in Greek and Roman Mythology. Also she's the god of wisdom. She also appears(?) in the Littlefox's story 'Olympic Champion in case you don't know). I'm a girl as you know(Who ever heard of a boy named Annabeth? LOL). favorite color? My favorite color is Black and White although it's actually not a color. I like to read, and my favorite genre Fantasy, so I mostly read famous fantasy novels. The book that I like is: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, The Maze Runner series by James Dashner(I'm really into this book these days. It's just so awesome!! I just love this book!! My favorite character in this book are Minho and Newt.) Harry Potter, Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan(As I said before) and many, many more. I really recommend you to try it! I like to play sports(I like all kinds of sports), reading books(as I said before)  listening to musics, ice skating etc. I also like to playing instruments. I learn piano and violin right now, and I had drum lessons too. And I really want to learn playing the guitar. I would like to learn how to play cello too. (Okay, I admit there are lot of instruments that I want to play) I go to the violin academy, and my teacher can play both violin and cello. I wish I can do that :)

    My MBTI is... um.. ISFP or ESFJ or ENFJ or INFJ or ENFP or... whatever. I had so many MBTI tests, but I don't know which one my MBTI. At first, my MBTI was ISFP, then it turned into ENFJ, then it turned into INFJ. Blah-blah-blah.I have a mom and dad(of course!) and I have an older brother, and he is way more older than I am. I don't fight with my brother. Instead, Ijust simply talk and laughs(???) with him. He's in college, so I don't see him very often. 

    Okay, that was my intro. Guess I just blabbed about me

    I really hope we can be nice friends! Anyway, I have some questions for you. 

    First, do you like long letters or short letters? Second, how tall are you? Third, what is your favorite sports? As for me, I like long letters more than short letters. (But I myself can't write long letters!) But I hardly care about it. And my height is 157-158 centimeters tall. It's not very tall, I guess. Cuz in our school, most kids(?) are pretty tall. So, I was one of the smallest kid in school, but not now. lol 

    My favorite sports are soccer, badminton(I guess??), and maybe taekwondo. It might be a little strange, but I liked taekwondo when I was young. I don't know why though! hh Oh, and I really like gonggi too! Even though it's not a sport. 

    Anyways, I've gotta go! I REALLY hope we can be nice friends! Bye~

    Hoping to be your friend, Annabeth

    Dear Leafpaw, Luna, and Joy,

    Hey there! it's me, Annabeth! I'm super sorry for the late letter. I'll reply to your letter this weekend! Byeeeeeee-

    Sorry for the late letterr, Annabeth

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