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  • [편지] To. Eleanor0421, To. April
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    | 추천수: 1 | 등록일: 2023.9.19 오전 10:03
  • To. Eleanor0421❤️

    Thanks for the letter!

    Yesterday, I’m cleaning up room, my ring finger hit the refrigerator really really hard!

    So my finger was swollen… it hurts…

    Oh, you’re like a rabbit? 

    I’m like a dog… but that’s better than cat, I think.

    Um…  I’m using English novel.

    I’m reading junie b. jones and wimpy kid.

    That is fun. 

    What’s your favorite books?

    And What’s your favorite animal?

    Sorry for the short letter…

    Thanks for reading!

    Oh, and I will write my homeschool life very soon!

    From. Half moon chest cat🐈

    To. April🌸

    Thanks for the letter!

    It was crowded a few years ago.

    but my house is not crowded because my two brothers go to college and army.

    I used LF long time.

    My favorite character in Anne is Anne, and red magic is zing.

    What’s your favorite character?

    And I wear round glasses. And my hair is short. And I have bangs. 

    Sorry for the short letter…

    Thanks for reading!

    From. Half moon chest cat🐈

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