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  • [창작동화] In the first town #_Prologue
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  • <In the First Town #_Prologue >                                                                                                      May 20th                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Today was the first day of First School in First Town. 

    It was my first time transferring to a new school, so I was nervous.I took a deep breath. I also missed my friends at Lawford School. Because of my father's job change, I suddenly moved to St. Louis, near the Mississippi River. 

    I hated transferring schools. I had four friends in my class who transferred to my school, and they all said they didn't like it. They said they still miss the whole school, and transferring schools is never an easy task.

    When I opened the door of the school classroom, I knew I was the first child to come.

    It was quiet in the classroom. I gently put my backpack on the desk and went to the teacher's blackboard. Usually, in all schools, I would have drawn with chalk comfortably, but I didn't have the courage to do so because it was my first school. I shuddered at the sudden thought that I might be ostracized by mean children at this school. 

    I'm sure I'll be teased by my unusual body. I was. I was disabled. I couldn't even walk properly. And sometimes my eyes blurry, I couldn't see for hours. He said it was because he had a terrible fever when he was young. I hated being sick. I didn't want to be sick. My former schoolmates were nice, and only one or two childish boys made fun of me.

    And other friends tried to be friends with me. The friends thought I was special. I went around in a wheelchair. My joints have been inflamed since the day after Christmas last year It made me unable to walk any more. My parents said they would drag my wheelchair until I went to school or somewhere, but I refused, saying I didn't like it. When my mom and dad asked me what was wrong, I quietly answered like this. "I've learned to push this wheelchair on my own, so I'm not going to live being told I'm weak anymore. I'm disabled, but I'll learn to live on my own, and I'll walk around as easily as other kids. I don't know when that day will come, but... I'll-- I'll practice for that time. If I prepare well, that day will come. I believe. I'm not weak, so I hope you don't see me as weak anymore." I said that that day and went up to the room in a wheelchair. 

    (There was an elevator because my house was on the second floor.) Mom and dad must have thought I was proud. You must have been touched by me who gained strength and never fell easily even though I was disabled. 

    So he still says that sometimes when I'm down. Then I'll be fine a lot. I came back to my seat in a wheelchair again. When I heard that I was a disabled child, the teachers wrote my name on my desk and put a handicapped sticker on the bottom. And there is a special desk for the disabled where you can sit in a wheelchair and write and read comfortably.

    I sat down and read a book with textbooks, writing tools, and everything I needed in my desk drawer. Then two other friends came in, followed by seven to eight more. They glanced at me and gave me a mysterious smile. 

    And a few more people came in, and they looked sorry for me.

    I smiled at them all. Then, the tension eased and the school became more comfortable little by little by little. The teacher soon followed in, and the children all sat down and opened the book with bated breath. I put the book in the drawer and took out the textbook and writing instruments. That was the beginning of the first day of school.

    (I dedicate novels to disabled people all over the country.)

    Written By. Sarah

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